Objectives of the Society

  • To promote the interest of members in the study of coins, medals, notes and other matters of numismatic interest.

  • To bring members into closer relations with one another by discussion and interchange of ideas on the matters of numismatic interest.

  • To issue to members latest information in the numismatic world through news bulletins, books etc.

  • To arrange the exchange or sale of material of numismatic interest between members.

  • To arrange the exchange of numismatic material between the society and other societies or clubs having similar objectives.

  • To arrange the general collection and disposal of numismatic material for benefit of any charity, funds and other cause.

  • To display coins at public and private exhibitions and by other similar means to foster interest in the science of numismatic.

  • To acquire books, publications and other documents of numismatic interest and to maintain a numismatic library for general use of members.

  • To hold auctions (usually four actions in a year).